World of Dance LA 2011

First of all thank you all for stopping by our 5th Element x Timeless booth! We hope you all had as much fun as we did. For our first time visitors heres an introduction to who we are taken right off our about page:

“Emcee, Bboy, DJ, and Graffiti Arts. These are the four elements that compose Hip Hop culture. Many would argue that fashion is not a significant element of Hip Hop, but when placed in comparison with any other culture, you will see the appearance of its people is what distinguishes them. Fashion IS the 5th Element. We, as a collective of Fashion Enthusiasts, are here to provide you with an online connection to Fashion in Hip Hop.

The 5th Element. Our common thread.

We hope all of you got a chance to grab some free stickers and candy to go along with the dope gear Timeless had on deck. If you took a picture but didn’t get the chance to see our magazine then you need to

follow us on Twitter @The5thElmntMag and


Check out your booth pictures posted on our facebook page which you can view ==> here <==. While you visit please like our page, tag your friends, spread the word and read our magazine. More pictures will be posted throughout the week so keep an eye on us. Also keep up to date by hitting the subscribe tab over on the right for our next issue which will be dropping soon!!

Last but not least congratulations to all of the winners of this years WOD!

Staff Writer

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