Missed out on the celebrities roaming around WOD LA?

We gotem! Surprisingly there was a quite a good amount of celebrities chillin around WOD this year. We didn’t get to catch all of them but check out these videos posted on our Youtube of the ones we did grab. This is just a few of them, be sure to check back for more later this week. Also while your at it, log on and follow us @The5thElmntMag and LIKE us on Facebook! And if you haven’t gotten the chance to read our magazine here’s another link you can indulge yourself in.





Stay tuned for more videos and interviews soon to be posted!!

Update: We still have yet to upload our other batches of pictures from WOD so sit tight we will be getting those up soon. Another thing I’d like to point out is that we have had request for our pictures from Urban Street Jam; [long overdue I know] but those pictures will be processed and posted soon too. Your requests have not been forgotten! Be sure to keep a look out for those on our Facebook page.

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