Rock the Bells 2012 Launch Party

The 5th Element crew was privileged enough to have attended the amazing Rock The Bells 2012 Launch Party last week at The House of Blues on Sunset. After a couple of libations at the open bar, and some tasty finger food, we set our sights to the HOB stage. The discussion panel was about to start.

The star studded panel consisted of Supernatural, RZA, founder Chang Weisberg, DJ Quik, Murs, Fashawn, Dom Kennedy, Watsky, Dan The Automator, DJ Lance Rock of Yo Gabba Gabba (in all his orange glory), and members of legendary Bone Thugs N Harmony.

With an impromptu beat box accompaniment by DJ Quik, Supernatural kicked the discussion off with a dope freestyle of the Festival’s line up. The crowd was hyped! A plethora of musical masters were announced thru the freestyle king’s flow. Artists include some of the newest talent and some beloved favorites from the last 2 decades. Peep the line up on the official flyer below, and let the nostalgia hit you like it hit the 5th crew.

The night was full of surprises. Two of the biggest being the Bone Thugs N Harmony reunion TWENTY YEARS in the making, and that Rock The Bells will now be a TWO DAY event.

With Layzie Bone missing from the party, Wish, Krayzie, Bizzy and Flesh sat amongst the panel last night. Headlining Rock The Bells 2012 also doubles as the group’s 20 year anniversary performance. This is especially important as it had been a very long time since all FIVE members of Bone have appeared on a performance stage all together. The Cleveland rappers will be cover their classic album E. 99 Eternal at the festival along with some more of their popular hits. Krayzie looks most forward to performing “1st Of The Month” while Wish chimes in with “Mr. Bill Collector”. With tongue twisting rhymes, and infectiously melodic flows, Bone Thugs N Harmony are one of the most unique and distinguishable hip hop groups in music history. You know you can’t miss this.

Chang Weisberg, RTB founder and head of Guerilla Union drops the news that Rock the Bells will now be a 2 day event. He explains, “we have an embarrassment of riches.” that there is too much hip hop to take in in just one day. He also adds, “a festival is not a festival until its 2 days.” A question was tossed to the Founder asking about RTB possibly being called ‘a hip hop Coachella’. Weisberg replied, “[to be dubbed] the hip hop Coachella would be an honor…but at the end of the day, it’s not about comparisons, its about the fans.” To provide an entire weekend full of amazing music is a gift any head would be blessed to revel in. Thank you, Chang. Thank you, Rock The Bells.

More news consisted of Fashawn and Murs to perform the festival as a duo. They have a collaborative double album coming out this summer. “Murs and Me”/ “Me and Fash” is in its final stages of production and is highly anticipated.

DJ Quik will be leaving his mark in RTB history with his first appearance as a featured artist this year. He brought out r&b great and good friend, El DeBarge and El Jr. and announced a tour and an album with them in the works.

A shell-shocked Dom Kennedy is the newest addition to the RTB line-up, being notified literally 30 minutes before he made his way to the House Of Blues. The young emcee promises, “I’ll do the best Dom Kennedy that I can do.” and that his Yellow album will be out before the end of June.

RZA will be making his directorial debut this fall with the film Man With The Iron Fist. The super producer expresses, “This is worth the price of your popcorn… ” Two years in the making, this action/ martial arts film sounds like box office gold. With a screenplay written by RZA and Eli Roth, a cast consisting of Russell Crowe and Lucy Liu, and presented by Quentin Tarantino, you can expect to have your mind blown.

Rock The Bells 2012 kicks off in San Bernardino August 18th and 19th. Be sure to check out for dates, details, and more information on what is sure to be the hottest musical event of the summer.

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