Behind the Hustle: Passion Projects

This past Saturday we attended a “Passion Projects” speaker panel in North Hollywood. Put together by the people of Behind the Hustle with help from the Attic and Movement Lifestyle studio. Hosted by TK Nguyen, the main subject of the event was “turning dream careers into reality”. DJ Vice, Levi Maestro and Terence Dickson were on the speakers couch. A DJ, a Videographer, and a Dancer, respectively. All individuals who are masters of their craft. The speakers gave an insight into their everyday lives, a history of their path to success, and offered many words of advice.

For more information on future events from Behind the Hustle go to their website

Terence: “You got to have a tough skin. I take it as it is and move on.”

Levi: “Every time I took a new job I doubled the price. But I was creating a product that was in demand.”

Vice: “Stay humble. Stay true. Respect other people and their hustle. Build and learn from others.”

The three panelists.

The Buttermilk Truck stopped by to feed those in attendance.

Some of the Attic Family.

Our friends from Assemble Media also stopped by the studio.

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