Branded Arts Block Party

Yesterday, Branded Arts threw a block party at their Culver City headquarters. The party included 12 hours of vendors, two pop up bars and live art and music. We got there pretty early and got the chance to take a few snaps around the area before it got too dark and crowded. Check out the pictures below recapping the event.

This block party was literally a block party. Two big parking lot blocks by Branded Arts were closed off and transformed into an all around concert area and showroom. Check out this main stage that was set up in front of the DABSMYLA mural facing one of the pop up bars on the lot and the street.

The walls of the blocks are all consistently bombed with murals and pieces like this one.

The second block consisted of an artist pit where a handful of talents were doing their thing. 

Inside the second block there was a small gallery featuring works of many known artist, Banksy being one of them. 

Upcoming brand SupaDupa Los Angeles was there providing free shirts for everyone of all ages to come by their booth and paint. Keep a lookout on their site for their drop at

I got the chance to chop it up with the founder of Morphik. Morphik is another up and coming brand featuring a dope new way to represent your favorite artist. They specialize on wrist-wear with interchangeable artwork from your favorite artist. They have collaborated with many heavy hitters from all around the world and range from graffiti art to photography and even fine art. Some artists include Risk, Daim, Does, and Jerry Uelsmann. You can check out more of their stuff here
214Graffiti was there showcasing some live art and their latest released item. Cassete coffee tables. More info here.

I’ll leave you here with a snapshot of the man himself, Warren Brand. Props to him for curating an awesome event. We’ll be looking forward to the next one. Keep a look out on their site for upcoming artist collaborations and shows. 

Words & Photos // Alvin

Staff Writer

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