Mr. Cartoon x Gangster Squad x Platinum Motorsports


Graffiti artist Mr. Cartoon has been a pioneer of the arts for quite some time now. Notorious for his work on walls, lowriders, skin, and sneakers he is no stranger to collaborations. Known for working with brands like Nike and Vans in the past, he recently to hooked up with Warner Brothers for the upcoming movie Gangster Squad to do a promo piece at Platinum Motorsports on Sunset last week. Check out the pictures and trailer for the movie down below.

IMG_0184 IMG_0227

Mr. Cartoon also did a piece on his 39 Chevy Master Deluxe from last years Art in the Streets exhibit at MOCA for Gangster Squad. The car was on display at the recent Los Angeles Auto show that was held in the LA Convention Center. Shout out to Estevan Oriol and SA Studios for the picture of the Chevy.

Mister Cartoon GS Car


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