DATE NIGHT, A Mixtape for Lovers, by DJ Bella Fiasco

In anticipation of  the upcoming issue and because it’s Valentines Day, we’re giving everyone a special treat! This is dedicated to all the lovers out there. Yes, you!


Date Night  was mixed by miss DJ Bella Fiasco, a local DJ who is on the rise and will be featured in our Volume 2, Issue 2. Make sure to visit her Facebook page and hit that Like button! Stream and download the full mix right here. Tell a friend and spread the word!

Date Night – A Mixtape for Lovers. On the way out to a date with your significant other? I put together the perfect playlist for you two. Enjoy this 1:15 hour set of R&B hits from old to new! A special gift from The 5th Element Magazine & I to all you lovebirds on this Valentines Day. ” – DJ Bella Fiasco



Staff Writer

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