“The History of Eyewear in Hip-Hop” by The Vintage Frames Company.

Sunglasses, shades, eyewear, glasses, frames, specs, sunnies, stunnas…whatever name you want to call them. We all have our favorite type and brand to show off. In hip-hop fashion you can find individuals putting their own spin on classic eyewear pieces. It’s all about how unique you look in a culture that is constantly looking for the new “it” thing. This video series created by The Vintage Frames Company aims to document “The History of Eyewear in Hip-Hop.” The first in the series features So So Def Recordings owner Jermaine Dupri, check it out on the video above. We will definitely keep an eye out for the rest of the series, especially now that Summer could be lurking around the corner, it might be time to find your favorite stunna shades.

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