Let the fog roll in…

The rise of a healthier addiction is within our midst.  “Say no to butts” and pick up a Vape.  With no ash, tar, and tobacco E-cigarets/Vapes are here to help you quit smoking and transition into a healthier lifestyle.  Within the street wear culture we have a seen a rise and trend in vaping .  Stores are popping up left and right with influences of the Hip Hop culture mixed in.  We have had the pleasure of visiting The Vaping Section, Vape Supreme and Vapor Craze all aesthetically pleasing with a twist of street wear culture.  If you are smoker and trying to quit we highly suggest you Google a local shop near you and pop in and check it out.  If you are near the Orange County area come out to Vapor Craze’s Launch Event for their new devices – the Best Sub-Ohm tank and the Noble 1, this Saturday March 9th at Hiwa Fusion Bar and Lounge.  Come vibe with The Under The Table Crew’s DJ Joe.U.Kno who will be spinning all night.

Red Carpet

Words By: Nino Llanera

Staff Writer

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