FUSE’s Crate Diggers – J Dilla

J Dilla, Jay Dee, Dilla, Dilla Dawg, James Yancey.  If you know the name, you know the scope of influence the man has had in not only the world of hip hop, but all of music in general.  That’s why it comes as no surprise that even seven years after his death, plenty are still celebrating the life he lead and the music he created and shared with the rest of us.  Fuse TV played their part in the celebration of Dilla’s life and work by dedicating a special episode of their Crate Diggers series to him.  On hand to give their unique perspective and commentary on Dilla was of course, Ma Dukes, J. Rocc, House Shoes, Grap Luva, Illa J, Talib Kweli, DJ Spinna and more.  Pay attention as all in part dropped knowledge on the very candid tip about him.  What’s more, we get a glimpse inside Dilla’s storage in Singapore, which had remained unopened since his death in 2006.  On the real, this is some crucial stuff for any fan of music to go and watch.  So yes, I do highly recommend you peep.

Words by: Reach

Staff Writer

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