Space Talk: Astronautica’s Replay Last Night

Space Talk: Astronautica's Replay Last Night

Science geeks and music nerds have a lot in common. One of these things is a fascination with outer space.  The intergalactic theme has undoubtedly been a popular subject in music evidenced by everything from Afrika Bambaataa’s “Planet Rock” to pretty much anything put out by Deltron 3030. Even our boy JT has jumped on the trend with “Spaceship Coupe.”  Channeling that void that exists between celestial bodies is no doubt a challenge, but one that many producers aren’t afraid to step up to…
Enter LA native and interplanetary beat mistress, Edrina Martinez, affectionately known to Low End Theory regulars and outer space enthusiasts, as Astronautica.

The 21-year old producer’s instrumental debut, Replay Last Night, takes beat lovers on a cosmic journey from the West Coast through the space-time continuum on 11 dreamy tracks.  The hazy, delicate production on this album is complemented by Astronautica’s own guitar-playing skills and knack for atmospheric instrumental layering.  Extraterrestrial beings and fans of LA’s beat scene will no doubt approve.

For more spaced-out sounds, be sure to check out Replay Last Night out on Alpha Pup Records.  Astronautica will also be playing a set at Que Sera in Long Beach on April 12.


Words by: Sash Macatangay

Staff Writer

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