The $91,500.00 Reason Why The Ghost of Steve Irwin Will Haunt You Forever

$91,500.00 for an Hermes Croc Shirt

Hm, let’s see.  You’ve got about $100,000.00 to spare.  What to do with it?  Buy a new whip?  Maybe.  Put a down payment on a new house for your mama?  It’s possible.  Save it?  No way.  Then no one will think you’re ’bout that life.  Oh I know!  How about buying a t-shirt!  Yeah.  Nothing saying rap life ’bout it-’bout it than a YOLO-riffic crocodile skin tee from Hermes!  It only costs $91,500.00.  Just imagine it now, running around with it on, screaming “Haaannnnhhhh!” like Kanye and then yelling “ain’t nobody up on this!”.  Sounds dope, right?  I mean, except for the part of Steve Irwin haunting you for the rest of your life.  Click through to see what I’m talking about.

The Croc Hunter is straight up rolling over in his grave, folks.  Two times.

The $91,500.00 Hermes T-Shirt
Words by: Reach

Staff Writer

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