Never Turn Down Your Radio When Looking For A Street Again

Jay Shells presents: Rap Quotes
Picture this familiar scenario:  you’re cruising down the road, windows down, music up, when suddenly you find yourself driving through unfamiliar territory all because you straight up got lost in rapping along to your jam, thinking you were rocking a crowd of thousands.  The first thing you do?  Immediately turn that radio down in an attempt to concentrate on the street signs that proves to be more placebo than proven solution.  Well thanks to artist Jay Shells, the problem of cutting short your impromptu performance of Mos Def’s “Mathematics” in the ride may very well have been solved.  Interested in the solution?  Read on.

Jay Shells’ brand new project, “Rap Quotes”, combines his innate ability at sign-making with his tremendous passion for hip hop.  The result is a series of seemingly legit street signs posted at the actual spots that are quoted from some famous rap lyrics giving shine to the said street corners and destinations.  Drawing from the likes of a hip hop’s who’s who, Shell’s presents quotes from the aforementioned Mos, CL Smooth, Jay-Z, Nas, Redman, GZA, Slick Rick, Pharoahe Monch and even the late Big L.  Peep the vid below and head over to Animal New York to check out the rest of the hip hop infused signage.


Words by: Reach

Staff Writer

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