Snoop Lion X Casetagram

Snoop Lion X Castagram
Shoot it. Place it. Case it. Casetagram is the first design platform making customizable cases for phones and tablets using your own images from social media sites such as, Instagram and Facebook. Today, Casetagram revealed a new collaboration with the legendary Snoop Lion (formerly known as Snoop Dogg). The collaboration features an exclusive Casetagram Stamp Collection based on Snoop’s new film and music project “Reincarnated”.

Snoop Lion is a new chapter of the multi-platinum artist and icon, Snoop Dogg. He has always had the ability to stay at the fore-front of the entertainment and music culture, as well as new technology. Teaming up with VICE media and Stampede Management, Snoop has created “Reincarnated”. The project captures Snoop’s exploration of reggae music and journey to spiritual growth. It includes a reggae-influenced album, a full-length film featuring Snoop’s newest career choices, a photo book, and the self-sustainable gardening initiative “Mind Gardens”.

Stamp Collection 2


Stamp Collection 3

By Snoop evolving his self, it not only shows that he is always searching for something newer and greater within himself, but also proves he searches for the same for his career. Snoop has earned the reputation for being an early adopter and user of social media. This new partnership with Casetagram allows him to do a first and further qualifies his social media influence.

“When I first saw Casetagram, I loved the idea of being able to create a phone case with my own pictures and personalize my case,”Snoop Lion explains. “We shot so many great photos while doing ‘Reincarnated’, so I wanted to find a creative way to share them with my fans and Casetagram made perfect sense.”

Words by: Kaycee Rogers

Staff Writer

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