Jam On It: Talib Kweli ft. Miguel – Come Here

Talib Kweli ft. Miguel - Come Here

The Brooklyn MC links up with with the ever so soulful Miguel to bring us a musical offering that’s equal parts nostalgic Motown vibes and modern feel good hip hop balladry.  This quality track is just a taste of the dope music Talib Kweli has in store on his upcoming release, Prisoner of Consciousness.  So click play and prepare to two-step your way into some inspiration on working up the nerve to speak to that fly miss you’ve been eyeing.  Just like Kweli spits so effortlessly the lines he delivers to try and woo the objection of his affection, perhaps you too can invoke that same smoothness.  I mean, it’s either that or trying to win her over by liking all of her selfies and commenting “Ur gorgeous” each time.  Your choice, bud.

Words by
: Reach

Staff Writer

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