RECAP: World Of Dance Los Angeles 2013

WOD 2013 at the Los Angeles Convention Center

Last saturday, thousands of dancers and dance enthusiasts from all over the world converged at the Los Angeles Convention Center for the LA leg of the World of Dance Tour. Presented by Paul Mitchell, WOD is the largest International Urban Dance Competition that brings together all styles of dance.

Packed house for WOD

More than just a dance competition, WOD is a mecca for all things fashion, dance, and hip hop.  Different booths were scattered throughout the venue, from street wear, vapes, and art installations to getting a fresh line-up and energy drinks.

LIES Clothing in the house

Funkdation Crew representing Control Posse

Rosewood Cutters doing what they do best.

Break Monsters Crew along with the Monster Ladies

Lando of Mos Wanted Crew

From hip-hop choreography to contemporary, popping, locking, breaking and everything in between, WOD caters to every dancer’s taste and preference.

A laundry list of dance celebrities such as Roshon Fegan, Megan Batoon, and Chachi Gonzales, along with past America’s Best Dance Crew winner’s and contestants such as, Mos Wanted Crew, Super Crew, 8 Flavahs, Stepboys, Electrolytes and many more graced the stage to the delight of all the spectators.  Bboy heavy-hitters like Juste Debout 2013 Top Rock Champion and child prodigy Bailrok was in attendance, along with other big-named bboys such as Ronnie Ruen, Milky (LXD), Monster Energy Break Monsters Squad (Machine, Frankie Flav, Moy, and Crumbs).

Fortissimo kills the stage with girl power
Roshon Fegan and Ricky "Rick Rawk" Cole hosts

Bailrok in action Clean Bboy Milky getting downThe master of power himself, Ronnie Ruen

Jr. Division:
1st Place – Gravy Babies
2nd Place – 323 Area Kidz
3rd Place – The Organization

Upper Division:
1st Place – GRV
2nd Place – Academy of Villains
3rd Place – Kaori Alive

Check out the World Of Dance Youtube Channel for more performances and coverage.

Words and Photos by: Nico Arce

Staff Writer

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