jay-z - open letter

Have you ever watched Fox News?  I’m non-partisan, so don’t take this the wrong way, but my liberal tendencies help me enjoy the hilarious nature of the biased news channel.  Conservatives have been attacking rap/hip-hop for years and the examples are endless.  Obama’s tenure has just increased the volatility of associated racism to rap music and I doubt it’ll stop even after the end of his presidency.  

From Common to Lupe Fiasco and now Jay-Z, it’s apparent that Fox News loves to take things out of context just to rile up the right wing.  I totally digressed, but this is the stuff that makes me worry about America.  There is a potential war in Korea and diplomats being murdered in Afghanistan, but the media is more concerned about an educational trip to Cuba for two entertainers to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary.

Jay-Z tackles a multitude of issues in his song that was recorded yesterday and produced by Timbaland and Swizz Beatz.  With his recent sanctioned trip to Cuba and his announcement to sell a percentage of his Brooklyn Nets ownership, Hova sends an open letter to all his critics with a verbal middle finger.

I can’t tell you the reason why hip-hop’s elite couple decided to go to a nation that has been on a trade embargo.  I CAN tell you that Jay-Z sold a percentage of his rights to the Nets to become an NBA agent though.  But, I also wouldn’t agree with him that he’s the Bob Dylan of rap.  Bob Dylan plays eleven instruments, paints art, won 10 Grammies, 1 Oscar, and a Presidential Medal of Freedom from Obama.  I guess I’ll wait for a harmonica-infused retort from Mr. Dylan in the next couple days to really get people’s blood boiling.

Listen. Discuss. I’m all open for conversation.

Ryan Teng

Staff Writer

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