Details @ Midnight: Hennessy V.S. x Nas – A Date In The Desert

IMG_00414-12-2013. As night one of Coachella 2013 drew to a close, there was another Very Special event set to go down in the balmy deserts of the Coachella Valley.


Paper lanterns and glowing orange tipis lit the path that led us to the exclusive Hennessy V.S. party: Details @ Midnight hosted by legendary emcee, and Hennessy’s newest brand ambassador, Nas. The intimate setting was at a private residence complete with a small wading pool and two bars. There were also digital graffiti stations as well as a movie screen that played The Goonies all evening.



All of our senses were satisfied as complimentary eats from Fatburger and Border Grill were served a la mobile food truck. Libations were free-flowing as beautiful cocktail waitresses gifted us with delightful Hennessy V.S. cocktails. The winner among us was the Big Apple which was comprised of apple cider, maple syrup, cinnamon and Hennessy. This is a recipe that will undoubtedly be recreated for the hot summer months ahead.





Karreuche Tran. Photo credit by Alex Wyman.

The music of the night was a mix of golden era Hip-Hop, funky house, and top 40 courtesy of DJ Politik. By midnight, pop music star Dev took to the stage and got the crowd riled up with her hits, “Bass Down Low” and “G6”. Wasting no time, the man of the hour, Nas, took the stage minutes later. Looking more fresh than flashy, the icon was dressed in a white Champion track jacket with orange and blue trim, heather grey Champion crew neck, classic adidas shell toes, and a blue and orange New York Mets fitted cap. The emcee captivated the audience, performing songs from his near 20-year long catalogue. It was clear that the crowd favorite was “If I ruled The World”; we acted as a choir, singing the lines of the chorus with conviction as if we were all Lauryn Hill.






Thank you, Hennessy V.S. for wrapping up night one with a bang and a buzz.



Words by Lindsey Linayao

Photos by Alvin Dharmawan

Staff Writer

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