Jam On It: De La Soul ft. The Spirit Of The Wu – Get Away


Fans of throwback, golden-era hip-hop music rejoiced earlier this week when the legendary group De La Soul dropped a new joint on the web, “Get Away”.  The track’s mellow beat brings a different vibe compared to their previous work, but it still delivers that distinct De La Soul sound.  Some of you may have questioned who or what “The Spirit of the Wu” is.  And yeah, your first instinct was right, it’s Wu-Tang…but not.  Confused yet?  De La Soul member, Posdnuos, explained how they were inspired by the “Intro” track on Disc Two of Wu-Tang forever.  “I stumbled on the original sample while crate digging one day, took it straight to the lab and added drums.  The feel is definitely gritty, hard and sounds like a Wu record, so out of inspirational respect, we included featuring ‘The Spirit of the Wu’ in the song title.”*

The radio is long overdue for authentic hip-hop music and hopefully this will spark a wave of old-school groups coming back and putting in some work in the studio.  With 90’s fashion resurfacing today, isn’t it time we also bring back the vibe of 90’s hip-hop?  Don’t get us wrong, we strongly support the new pioneers of rap and hip-hop today, but most of us grew up with groups like A Tribe Called Quest, The Pharcyde, Gang Starr, etc.  In essence, hearing a new De La Soul track is like saying ‘hip-hop is not dead’, and that it’s just been patiently waiting to hit the stage again.

Look out for De La Soul’s new album You’re Welcome releasing later in the Fall.

By Marc Mangapit
*Source: RollingStone.com

Staff Writer

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