Jam On It: Talib Kweli ft. Busta Rhymes – Rocket Ships (Prod. by RZA)


Talib Kweli just released a sneak preview joint entitled “Rocket Ships” featuring Busta Rhymes,  off his new album ‘Prisoner of Conscious‘, which drops May 7th.

He touches on issues like the current state of hip hop culture and art with lines like, “The passion reduced to using all caps on the internet.”

It seems to follow the returning trend of darker yet progressive hip hop we loved in the 90’s, yet doesn’t sound throwback-ish or forced. Mid verse, Bust starts yelling at his girl for cooking bacon in his house, which is a reflection of the black spirituality that pervaded 90’s rap music. Yet, it’s more of a message to backpackers and internet hip hop elitests to stop acting like soft serve nerds, than it is a song about “taking the music back to when it was better.” RZA’s production on the song sounds like something you would expect from RZA, which you might find refreshing in a day and age when everything new has very similar 808 drums in Southern double time.

You can pre-order the Deluxe edition via iTunes here. 

If you want the physical disc/vinyl you can order from your local indie record shop here.

– Devon Iron Chef Ward

Staff Writer

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