Want Some Wood…For Your Ears?


No really, LSTN Headphones got some wood for your ears. Their set of wooden earpieces will have you environmentally and socially conscious as you look fresh while head nodding to your favorite tunes.  The newly launched company currently offers three earpieces for you to cop; ear buds (The Bowery), on-ear headphones (The Fillmore) and over-ear headphones (The Troubadour). All three of their products come with a choice of three colors; exotic beech, cherry, and ebony wood inlays. With materials made from reclaimed wood so no two sets are the same.  Click through for a few glimpses at them.


The sound from these gives off a more acoustic quality compared to your traditional plastic earpieces. I have the Bowery ear buds with me and I was pleasantly surprised at how the acoustic quality prevailed in such a small set of ear pieces. I’ve realized one of my favorite parts of these ear buds is the nylon-coated wiring, allowing me to not worry about them ripping apart or getting into the ever awkward and frustrating knot.

If I haven’t sold you with the quality and looks yet, LSTN headphones help restore hearing to a child through the Starkey Hearing Foundation for every pair of earphones and headphones you buy.  Bam.  Now don’t you wanna help out some kids in need?

Head over to lstnheadphones.com and get a pair.

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 11.57.09 AM

– AlviDee

Staff Writer

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