Recap: Complex & Hennessy Present: A Night of Music & Art ft. Future @ Sonos Studios


Is there a word for the perfect balance of classy and ratchet? If there is, a combination of Complex Magazine, Hennessy and Future at Sonos Studios is exactly that. Hennessy VS and Complex Magazine being part classy and Future…well you know, his music makes ya’ll twerk.

Photo Credit: Alexandra Wymann

Last week people lined up at Sonos Studios for Complex Magazine’s A Night of Music and Art with their “Very Special” guest Future. The night popped off with DJ Pase Rock having us bobbin’ our heads to some dope beats while Robert Raimon Roy was also in the building with a live art installation.


Photo Credit: Alexandra Wymann



Future came through with a dynamic set consisting of all his bangers like Same Damn Time, Tony Montana, Bugatti, and Love Song. With Future on stage you already know you got people on the floor thirsty in more ways than one. Luckily Hennessy was there to help quench the liquid kind with three concoctions: Hennessy VS Ginger, Hennessy VS Watermelon, and our familiar friend from the Nas event, the Hennessy VS Big Apple.






Keep a look out for Future’s next album entitled Future Hendrix. Check out the video and when you’re done, let us know in the comments if you have a word that combines classy and ratchet. Winner gets mad e-points and a lifetime of bragging rights.

Big shout out to Johnny Gines and Complex Mag for having us.

Words and photos by AlviDee

Video by Karen Capalaran

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