The Indie Alternative: Letherette

The Indie Alternative: Letherette

Anyone that hasn’t been living under a rock is most likely aware that Daft Punk’s latest proper album, Random Access Memories , comes out next week. Genius marketing techniques, and an infectious collabo with Pharrell Williams have led many to believe this album could be record-breaking. The highly anticipated album officially drops on Tuesday, but what will hold you over until then? The latest release from Letherette is a start.

It’s hard to disregard the Daft Punk influence found throughout the work of this UK electronic duo. But Daft Punk will be Daft Punk, and what separates these guys from Daft Punk is the sheer versatility in production style that they offer. Richard Roberts and Andy Harber, childhood friends from Wolverhampton, England, cite influences everywhere from the harmonies of The Carpenters and the soulful crooning of The Four Tops, to the inventive electronic sounds of Aphex Twin. If their excellent 2010 guest mix for Andrew Meza’s BTS radio isn’t enough evidence of their musical diversity, their self-titled album is an even further reflection of it.

Daft Punk fans will enjoy the high-energy disco-funk sounds of tracks like “D&T” and “Warstones.” They may even find a sexy alternative to Daft Punk’s “Something About Us” via Letherette’s slower, more introspective tracks like “Gas Stations & Restaurants,” as well as the pensive closer, “Say the Sun.” Beat junkies, on the other hand, may find traces of J Dilla and Madlib on tracks like “I Always Wanted You Back,” and “Cold Clam,” proving that this album would please followers of Donuts as much as it would fans of Discovery.

is out now on Ninja Tune, and a full stream is available here. Take a break from looping “Get Lucky” and give it a listen.


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