Rockin’ With The 5th: Ryan McDermott

Rockin' WIth the 5th: Ryan McDermott

G.O.O.D. Music’s newest member, Ryan McDermott, has shown glimpses of the promising talent that caught the eyes of Kanye West’s imprint through solid tracks like “Paradise” and “Joy”.   Just this past weekend, he graced the stage at Jam Day of the UCLA JazzReggae Festival, bringing his soulful brand of music to the adoring crowd in Los Angeles.  We caught up with Ryan after his set and were able to get a quick chat in, speaking on topics such as summer anthems, embarrassing on-stage moments, and the role his parents played in his music.

Rockin' WIth the 5th: Ryan McDermott

The 5th Element Magazine: 
Okay Ryan, first off thanks for taking the time to chat.  Also, great set!  Now since summertime is practically here, do you have any favorite summer anthems you like to bump on days and conditions similar to this?

Ryan McDermott: Hmm, that’s hard.  I mean the Will Smith jam is always appropriate.  But for some reason today I’m feelin’ “Isn’t She Lovely”.  That song just feels like it fits the vibe.

The 5th Element Magazine:  What’s your favorite gear or style to rock in the Summer?

Ryan McDermott:  Man, when it’s hot, I just want to be in as minimal clothing as possible.  When I’m home, you’ll see me in like basketball shorts, a white tee and some flip flops.

The 5th Element Magazine:  That’s cool, keeping it simple.  Okay so I’m pretty sure you’re well aware of Miguel’s mishap during his performance at the Billboard Music Awards last week.  Has anything similar ever happened to you on stage where you’ve had some sort of clumsiness mess you up?

Ryan McDermott:  Haha man, great question.  Actually today, during my last song, I had a little guitar solo at the end.  When I went to pick up my guitar, I had like a wireless input and it fell off.  So I couldn’t start my solo right away.  But honestly I’ve never had anything on that level of what Miguel did.  But then again I’ve never jumped over a crowd like that, haha.

The 5th Element Magazine:  Now when it comes to your music, do you have any favorite lyrics or specific lines that you’ve written?

Ryan McDermott:  That I’ve written?  No, not yet.  But I saw The Great Gatsby the other night, with the whole theater to myself.  There was this line at the end of the movie, “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne ceaselessly into the past.”  I just thought it was such an amazing line.

The 5th Element Magazine:  Yeah, that is.  Still on topic of your music, how do you feel your parents have influenced your musical taste and style?

Ryan McDermott:  Well you know my dad is actually a singer and songwriter.  So just him singing around the house while I was growing up, I definitely soaked that in.  I discovered at some point, probably around middle school, my parents’ vinyl record collection in the garage.  So I bought a record and just started going ham listening to every record and soaking them in.  I’m really old school.  I mean I love current stuff, but I’m always going to listen to old school music.  I used to listen to “Off The Wall” on vinyl everyday, you know some Bob Marley, too.  I used to listen to this Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young album called Deja Vu, which is an amazing album.  Basically a lot of old stuff.  I’m always trying to find ways to incorporate that old magic with the new presentation.

The 5th Element Magazine:  Okay last question, when you’re not busy working, what do you like to do for fun?

Ryan McDermott:  I’m a simple cat, man.  I’m a dude that gets up every morning and meditates.  I love to make music, I love to be just centered in my life, I love good conversations with good people that have good energy.  Anywhere that has good energy, that’s where you’ll find me.

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