ABC News – “Sneakerheads: Inside the World of High-Stakes Sneaker Trading”

ABC News Nightline
recently did a story on the world of limited-edition sneakers, though in doing so sheds light on both ends of the sneakerhead spectrum.  On one end they highlight the world of resellers and hypebeasts, while on the other, as represented by the legendary DJ Clark Kent himself, we see the purist’s perspective on how the sneaker game is nowadays.   Watch as the video touches on both the positive and negative aspects of sneaker collecting, sneaker selling/trading conventions and the shifts by brands like Nike toward online-only release strategies.  Though the story could have featured more on sneakerheads’ actual love of the shoe and collecting, instead of the actual hussle of the sneaker trade, it does capture the reality that the sneaker culture is in these days.

Richard "Reach" Guinto

Reach loves the Lakers, breakfast, the sound of a Fender Rhodes, and rapping along word for word to Wu Tang's "Triumph." If you're looking for him, he's probably out getting chicken.

2 thoughts on “ABC News – “Sneakerheads: Inside the World of High-Stakes Sneaker Trading”

  1. Then there is the answer that most sneakerheads will agree with, no, resellers are not good for the sneakerhead game. Again they keep up from getting the kicks we want. Then again it’s not that they do that, it’s how they do it. Many resellers’ sole income is reselling, so they have all the time in the world to camp for kicks. While most of us have to go to work to be able to pay for our kicks, they’re sitting there and waiting. Then they go and try to charge sometimes upwards of $2000? Are the Yeezy 2s or Galaxy Foamposites really worth that much? No, the resell price is purely driven up by HYPE. Thankfully Nike stores have started to put a stop to camping with the Twitter RSVP. That doesn’t stop them from going to many other stores, but it’s helpful. It’s nice that some stores will level the playing field for all to get the releases.


    1. Definitely true Marissa! The nature of the beast ensures that there will always be resellers, though. Sadly, that’s a reality that looks to be lasting. However, for those that continue to keep doing it for the love of the kicks, the shoe game will continue to live on with their contributions, too. It’s a tough call to navigate the pros and cons of sneaker culture, but as long as the love for the shoes is there, then the culture will continue to thrive.


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