Brick & Mortar: Bespoke Cut and Sew

Brick & Mortar: Bespoke Cut & Sew

The good folks over at Bespoke Cut and Sew have taken their hat customizing talents to a physical shop in Downtown Santa Ana, California.  In this edition of Brick & Mortar, we highlight the first physical location of Bespoke Cut and Sew, boasting an impressive array of hat selections and hat customization options.  They’re a definite welcome addition to the burgeoning scene that’s been causing plenty of excitement in Downtown Santa Ana’s East End section.

Before Bespoke sales associate, Jeff Macam, answers a few questions from us, let’s take a look at some introductory details about the shop:

Bespoke Cut and Sew owners: Brandon Williams, Nga Lam, Thi Le, and Tommy Lam
When did Bespoke Cut & Sew first open: The soft opening was in April 2013

Brick & Mortar: Bespoke Cut & Sew, Santa Ana, CA

How was the transition from strictly being an online retailer to having an actual brick and mortar shop?  What were some of the challenges?

For the company, it wasn’t very difficult.  Tommy, Nga and Brandon all came from a retail hat store and had the management skills and knowledge on how to run a successful brick and mortar location. Some of the challenges were definitely the distribution and figuring out the logistics for the inventory going from Rancho Cucamonga, where our base is, to Downtown Santa Ana. Also, geo-targetting the Southern California area to drive people to our physical location was a challenge as well. We went from a world wide market (online) to DTSA, so that was really a rude awakening at first.

What was the specific concept behind the design and layout of the store?

We really didn’t have a concept or real direction for the design, we just kind of went with whatever we thought was nice! The feedback we have received from people coming into the store has been very overwhelming, as they were impressed by our large selection of hats.  We feel and some have described that the shop has that dark, Black Scale feel to it.

Brick & Mortar: Bespoke Cut & Sew, Santa Ana, CA

Why was Downtown Santa Ana chosen as the location for Bespoke’s first shop?

We were originally told about the area from Wallace Vu (AKA Wally) and we started doing research on the area.  We heard Crooks and Castles was also opening up shop, so we really started to lean towards that area! We then met with the property owner, Ryan Chase, and he sold us on the vision of the area and his passion to transform DTSA into the next spot, which he described as the next “Fairfax”.

What are all the services that are provided at the shop?

Right now, we have a Mac set up in our store which customers can use to design their hat right there on the spot.  From there, they fill out an order form and we then take the hat back to our home base in Rancho Cucamonga, where we customize it to their specifications! We can either ship it to wherever the customer specified or bring it back to the shop for an in-store pick up.

Brick & Mortar: Bespoke Cut & Sew, Santa Ana, CA
Just how many patterns and customizations are available for the hats?

Right now, we have over 500 fabrics, 100 plus authentic leathers, and an array of exotic animal skins.

How often are new patterns and/or textures added?

We update our selection two to three times a week!

Brick & Mortar: Bespoke Cut & Sew, Santa Ana, CA

The hat customization business is starting to gain some steam.  How will Bespoke plan to stay at the forefront of it?

We have noticed the influx of “custom hat” companies and we welcome it.  We believe there is enough business out there for everyone to eat! We should have tried to get a patent on our website layout though haha! We have noticed countless companies similar to ours who, pretty much copied our website layout down to every detail! It’s really flattering though, to be honest.

What’s next for Bespoke’s first physical location and as a brand in whole?

We have lots of tricks up our sleeves and will surprise a lot of people soon!

Brick & Mortar: Bespoke Cut & Sew, Santa Ana, CA

Brick & Mortar: Bespoke Cut & Sew, Santa Ana, CA

Brick & Mortar: Bespoke Cut & Sew, Santa Ana, CA

Sales associates James and Jeff hold down the shop.  Come by soon!

Brick & Mortar: Bespoke Cut & Sew, Santa Ana, CA

Bespoke Cut and Sew

206 E. 4th Street
Santa Ana, CA 92701
(714) 836-5330
Open 7 days a week from 11AM to 8PM

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