Jam On It: Ta-ku – “Dowhatyoulove”

taku - dowhatyoulove

Pick your nose.  Sing at the top of your lungs.  Pretend your steering wheel is an 808 pad.  There are lots of things we do when we drive alone.  Mine just happens to be freestyling.  A lot of it is nonsense, but hey, that’s why I do it alone.  The only thing that is subjected to my flurry of gibberish is usually an instrumental by Freddie Joachim, Melodiesinfonie, or Vanilla.  So when Australian producer Ta-ku dropped a beat tape, I was all about it.

Dowhatyoulove is a span of 18 tracks across genres of the musical timeline.  Some will make you dance and some will make you want to eat ice cream.  Ta-ku’s prominence has risen with his incredible production value on various remixes, and this album is nothing short of what we’ve come to expect.

If you plan to rock out to this on a road trip, just remember to tint your windows and that some of us can actually hear you through the window.  But just dowhatyoulove.

Stream it below for free and buy it here.

Nova Teng

Nova Teng

I really like remixes.

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