Mo Betta Bleu: An Interview With Tasha Bleu

Mo Betta Bleu: An Interview With Tasha Bleu

It’s been said that too much of one thing can be a bad thing, though in the case of photographer and multimedia wiz, Tasha Bleu, the fact that she seems to always have plenty of work to do only drives her to do more and also get better while doing so.  Between shooting for international, high-profile clients such as Complex, Karmaloop, Adidas and Forbes and putting in work to cultivate her own company, Treu Bleu Imagery, one would wonder how Tasha seems to do it all.  Though we can surmise that her ambitious drive and passion for her craft are already evident in how she accomplishes so much, we’ll let Tasha Bleu herself explain as she invites us to take a glimpse into her world via this interesting and candid Q&A.

Mo Betta Bleu: An Interview With Tasha Bleu

For those that aren’t yet familiar, please tell us about Treu Bleu Imagery and your role in it.

I’ll take this chance to personally introduce myself. My name is Tasha Bleu, owner and sole photographer at Treu Bleu Imagery. Treu Bleu Imagery is an up-and-coming contemporary photography service with a focus on producing pictorial excellence. I specialize in men’s fashion and I primarily photograph males. In early 2012, I found this niche direction through working with men’s lifestyle organizations and I’ve stuck with it.

When did your love for photography and visual arts first begin?
I always had a love for visual arts, but my love for photography did not begin until I founded my company, Treu Bleu Imagery, in January of 2010. I grew to love photography more and more each day as I experienced new opportunities with people of all walks of life.

Mo Betta Bleu: An Interview With Tasha Bleu

Mo Betta Bleu: An Interview With Tasha Bleu
Your photography has a very distinct and unique look to it, something that gives the subject a certain vibrant and lively kind of feel.  How would you describe your shooting style?  What kind of approach do you take to ensure that each project has that distinct “Tasha Bleu” look to it?

Thank you! I would describe my shooting style as modern and contemporary. Working as a men’s fashion photographer who specializes in on-location and street style photography, I capture timeless photos that require minimal editing. I ensure that “Tasha Bleu” look by working with males who take confidence in their personal style and exude boldness. When shooting street style, everything is relative – the subject, the setting, the clothing, the grooming – these are all important details to make up an ideal shot within a great moment. As a photographer, I have to capture the subtle details and point them out. The “Tasha Bleu” look is mainly the attention to detail and composition of everything in the photo.

How important is it to have some chemistry between you and your subject?

Great question! It is very important to have chemistry between you and your subject, with reason being that it can be seen in the photos. As the photographer, it is important to create an environment where your subject feels comfortable so they can look comfortable. I specialize in street style photography because I enjoy capturing raw and organic personal style where the subject is in an everyday environment. People think that these photos require less work but you still have to tap into the psychology of your subject to get an effortless, timeless shot.

Mo Betta Bleu: An Interview With Tasha Bleu

Mo Betta Bleu: An Interview With Tasha Bleu
Coming up in the industry, what are some challenges you ran into that proved to be great lessons and ultimately helped shape the artist you are now?

As a photographer and business woman in this cut throat industry, I ran into many challenges that proved to be great lessons but the one lesson that I always share with others is to always stay true to yourself no matter what. The meaning of Treu Bleu Imagery is to always keep my imagery true to Tasha Bleu. As an entrepreneur and freelance photographer, I am creating my own name and lane to where I can survive in this industry and only answer to myself at the end of the day. I aim to own my own creative agency, magazine, clothing line, and more in the future.  At the heart of those goals are the objectives to contribute and maintain relative content, while still calling all of the shots and creating on my own terms.

You’re a woman of many hats the way you work with Complex, Karmaloop and Hypebeast.  How do you balance your time and work between the three?

I balance my time and work in all I do by staying organized and working well with deadlines. I do not currently have any employees, and though I have had interns and assistants in the past, I do everything alone. I do have a great support circle which is important to have as an artist.
Mo Betta Bleu: An Interview With Tasha Bleu
Lately you’ve been promoting your first Skillshare class.  Please tell us about it.

After working with countless companies including Reebok, Hypebeast, and Milkcrate Athletics, I have learned first hand the importance of a lookbook and compelling fashion photographs.  Drawing upon this experience, I have designed this class to give you a better understanding of what it takes to set up and execute an effective lookbook. This class is for anyone interested in the business and presentation side of the fashion industry; from brand owners to photographers, stylists to bloggers, and everything in between. You can check out more info on the class’s site HERE.  What’s more, I am proud to announce that in support of the launch of my Shoot n’ Style Skillshare class, one student will be selected for the opportunity to travel to New York City and shoot a Karmaloop Exclusive lookbook with me this Summer, courtesy of!

Mo Betta Bleu: An Interview With Tasha Bleu
What can we expect from you and Treu Bleu Imagery in the near future?

I have a lot in store but you have to keep up with me to see! You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram at @treubleuimagery and at
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