Summertime Fine Trends Guide

Summer is finally here and it’s time to follow through with those giant summer adventures you and your best friends came up with while in Starbucks studying for your last college finals. Whether it be a trip across the country or spending every single day at the beach, you have to be geared up right. Click through for a guide to the biggest trends of this summer. Bring out your pen and paper one last time  and take note on how to get on that Summertime fine this season.

Paisley Prints

Originating from Persian or Indian influence, but now synonymous with the common bandana , paisley can be found on any garment of clothing this summer such as bucket hats, t-shirts, shorts, etc. Don’t be afraid to mix and match paisley with other prints as well.

Mesh Jerseys/Throwback Jerseys

Time to pull out the old mesh throwback jerseys for another spin.


Leather was a big trend this past fall and has now spilled into leather detailing for this summer.  But seriously,  please remember to wear some deodorant AND some cologne/perfume because high temps and leather were never conducive to good B.O.

Bucket Hats

Give your 5 panel obsession a break and take a risk with a patterned bucket hat.


Keep 4th of July around all sumer long.

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