The Friday Five

The Friday Five 7-12-13

TGIF, people.  It’s probably the best acronym known to man.  Though AYCE and DTF could make strong cases.  Now if both AYCE and DTF are somehow incorporated into your Friday, well then my friends, TGIF indeed.  To the tenth power.  And who knows, any one of the songs on this week’s Friday Five couple possibly help make any one of those aforementioned acronyms a sweet reality.   Such possibilities.  Such potential for maximum enjoyment.  I mean really, think about it, Jay-Z is probably right because somewhere in America, Miley Cyrus really IS twerkin’!  Click through to stop my babbling and listen for yourself!

Richard "Reach" Guinto

Reach loves the Lakers, breakfast, the sound of a Fender Rhodes, and rapping along word for word to Wu Tang's "Triumph." If you're looking for him, he's probably out getting chicken.

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