No-Sign: Kanye, The Mad Rapper

No-Sign: Kanye, The Mad Rapper
No-Sign is a regular feature that gives an in depth opinion on whatever deserves a proper verbal thrashing.  Basically, instead of earning a highly esteemed Co-Sign, it’s about to catch fade on a No-Sign.  In this edition, Kanye West is one angry cornball.

In what seems to be the zillionth time this month Kanye has had an incident with the paparazzi, dude was just reported to have attacked a photog at LAX earlier today.  Paramedics were reportedly involved, too, so it’s looking like the scuffle was pretty serious.  Look, I consider myself a fan of the guy.  Phrases like “musical genius” and “visionary” were thrown around throughout the course of his career to describe Ye, and with much apropos.  However, I feel like 2013 has been an awkward one for the self-dubbed Yeezus.  First off, he puts out an album that’s his most polarizing to date (I hated it.  Frisbee material.), and then goes on a paparazzi bashing tour as of late.  What gives?  You would think that being at such a high pop icon status and having your first son with your baby moms, Kim Kardashian, that it would coax even the faintest of grins from the brooding West these days right?  Nah man.  Dude walks around wild angry like someone scuffed his Jordans at the club or something.

What’s wrong, Ye?  Like really.  Was your Balmain hoodie ruined at the dry cleaners?  Are you mad that Consequence didn’t hit you up to tag-team mollywhop on Joe Budden?  Did Kim accidentally give away your favorite Lanvin sneaks to Bruce Jenner?  Can’t get over the fact that Ray J really did hit it first?

Kanye, why so angry?

I really don’t understand the whole aggression you have towards a group of folk who are literally tripping over themselves to give you attention.  Especially when you’re the exact type to reach out for that attention through unprecedented and madly creative means.  Check your track record yo.  Your feigned disdain for the spotlight ain’t foolin’ nobody.  PLUS let’s not forget that your boo’s whole career is solely dependent on gross amounts of media attention.  And now you wanna Shinobi the next media member who is just doing their job?  FOH.

Think about it, Ye – YOU ARE A MILLIONAIRE BECAUSE PEOPLE CARE ENOUGH TO PLAY YOUR MUSIC AND TAKE YOUR PICTURE.  Just a little something for Yeezus himself to think about when he’s writing out a fat settlement check to the dude he snuffed for doing his job of feeding the frenzy that Kanye himself bent over backwards to create.

Richard "Reach" Guinto

Reach loves the Lakers, breakfast, the sound of a Fender Rhodes, and rapping along word for word to Wu Tang's "Triumph." If you're looking for him, he's probably out getting chicken.

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