Style Profile: $elo

Style Profile: $elo

$elo’s style first caught my attention as I am a regular patron of the Blends sneaker boutique at The Lab in Costa Mesa, CA.  Every time I saw $elo there working he was always wearing a fresh fit that he always seemed so comfortable in; almost as if his unique style was his second skin.  And that’s one of the main points of style that people seem to let fly over their heads – being comfortable in your own style and allowing the clothes to become merely an extension of your personality.  Apparently I’m not the only one who’s noticed, as $elo has already made moves by modeling for Skyhi Clothing and Publish as of late.  We recently linked up with $elo to help present to you our first installment of Style Profile.

First tell us a little bit about yourself – who you are, what you do, where you’re from.

My name is Selin but I go by $elo.  Some people call me Steelo, too.  Like two or three people. I was born and raised in East Texas, in two really small towns no one has ever heard of nor will ever care to visit and this August makes two years since I’ve moved out here to the Best Coast. I am the newest member of the Blends family in Orange County and I do some other work in front of and behind the camera when I can.  I also freestyle, but that’s just for stress relief.

Style Profile: $eloStyle Profile: $elo

How did growing up in Texas influence your style?  Do you feel it’s progressed or changed since moving to California?

In Texas all I can say is… I cant say much about Texas’ style. I’m kidding, um…I really got comfortable being myself there and not really conforming to what everyone else around me was wearing or doing and I think that is one aspect about my style that remains, even as my specific style has changed over the years. I used to have one fit that I thought killed when I was in high school; these loud orange Dickie shorts that I’d pair with this navy and orange Fubu button-down, and a pair of black on black Fubu low tops.  Now I look back and just want to kill myself for that.  Back then I dressed to stand out, but it got a little better in college.  Since moving here (to Southern California), it’s progressed because I have a lot more inspiration to pull from, what with being around all types of people.  The weather allows you to do a lot more also.

What is your style philosophy?

Dress to live. That’s one thing I’ve noticed since moving to California – everyone dresses for other people to acknowledge them or to get props. There’s a time to dress up, but having a ton of logos and walking like a robot to make sure your shoes don’t crease are silly to me. I ride a bike and skateboard to get around, so If I can’t do that with what I’m wearing, I ain’t wearing it. You’re trying too hard if you have to go through all that trouble of wearing your fit a certain way just so you can get a look. I see style as an extension of one’s personality and I think a lot of people mistake style for fashion. Fashion is cool, but I really dig people with their own style though. It’s more creative and you get noticed more for doing your own thing and making it look good than Louis, Louis, only ever stepping out in Louis Vuitton…shout out to Fabolous and J. Cole.

Style Profile: $elo

Style Profile: $elo

Style Profile: $elo

What are some fashion essentials that you couldn’t do without?

I really don’t wear jewelry, mainly because I used to lose everything as a kid, but I have this one watch with Jesus and Our Lady of Guadalupe on the face that I never go anywhere without.  I also have this pouch from Edinburgh that reads ‘SWAG BAG’ that I carry instead of a wallet.  Besides those accessories, a comfortable pair of shorts that sit above my funny looking knees, and since we’re talking fashion, I gotta keep a pair of Jordan 1’s.  I actually just bought two pairs tonight. Gotta keep those somewhere near no matter where I am.

Working at a sneaker boutique (Blends), you see all kinds of styles of sneakers on a daily basis.  What are some of your current favorites?

Haha, Jordan 1’s are the only Jordans I’ve bought since 2009, so I love those to death. Vans are a must, mainly because they’re so easy to wear and the more worn they are, the better they look.  They also have a few product lines that are super nice, something you don’t think about when you think Vans. I have one pair I’m saving for when I finally get a date somewhere. Also, the New Balance 996 is an amazing model. I wore that shoe for a month straight when I first got it. And since I spend most of my time outside of the shops playing basketball; I gotta keep some Kobes in my bag, either the VI’s or the VIII’s. But if I had to choose, the VI’s all day.  I want the shoes that “mold to my feet”.

Style Profile: $elo

Style Profile: $elo

Style Profile: $elo

Style Profile: $elo

Photos by:
Bo Lee
Richard "Reach" Guinto

Reach loves the Lakers, breakfast, the sound of a Fender Rhodes, and rapping along word for word to Wu Tang's "Triumph." If you're looking for him, he's probably out getting chicken.

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