No-Sign: Russell Westbrook, That Outfit

No-Sign: Russell Westbrook, That Outfit
No-Sign is a regular feature that gives an in depth opinion on whatever deserves a proper verbal thrashing.  Basically, instead of earning a highly esteemed Co-Sign, it’s about to catch fade on a No-Sign.  In this edition, Russell Westbrook needs to be apprehended by the fashion police, sheriff, patrol, mountie, and constable.

Look, I know that NBA players’ fashion has been quite the spectacle in the past few years, especially with the emergence of Lebron, DWade, Bosh, Paul George, Tyson Chandler and one namely Russell Westbrook, peacocking around in outfits that range from sharp and on-point to garish and downright ridiculous. Unfortunately, it’s been more of the latter, really.

Now speaking of Russell Westbrook, this dude is the pied piper of this wearing anything ugly movement that many seem to pass as ‘swag’ or ‘fashion forward’; with neither of which being remotely applicable.  A perfect and fatal example of Westbrook’s brand of misguided sense of fashion came in the form of the outfit he rocked at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards this past Sunday.  I present to you, future genie chic:

No-Sign: Russell Westbrook, That Outifit

Yes folks, that right there is one of the many effective ways you can instantly ether yourself.  Now I’m all for fashion being progressive, creative, and even provocative, but in Russell’s case most of the time, he tries to do so while also throwing out the important tenets of sensibility and any notion of the clothing being wearable.  But hey, do you bruh bruh.  If you want to go ahead and look the part of being in Kazaam 2, don’t let me stop you.  I just happen to think that walking out in public looking like I could be a secret character in Mortal Kombat isn’t my idea of being stylish.

Richard "Reach" Guinto

Reach loves the Lakers, breakfast, the sound of a Fender Rhodes, and rapping along word for word to Wu Tang's "Triumph." If you're looking for him, he's probably out getting chicken.

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