Publish Jogger x LA Canvas: It’s a Party

If the Los Angeles streetwear scene ever threw a house party, the Jogger release party hosted by Publish and LA Canvas felt like it would be it. The function brought out some of LA’s tastemakers and trendsetters to a warehouse in the cut of the Art District right before the Project and Agenda Vegas trade shows.
If one couldn’t find the entrance, Publish had feather guides posted around neighboring buildings directing you to the entrance. The gallery space was complete with a stage and a full kitchen that was occupied by the Iron Press serving up some mouthwatering chicken waffle sandwiches. And for the hipster in all of us, there was also plenty of PBR for consumption.

One thing that got us excited was a nacho bar provided by Lucky Habanero complete with multiple salsas for tasting. Peligroso Tequila had a stand respectively next to it and were serving up some craft drinks and shots.

As for live entertainment, DJ Drewbyrd kept everyone jammin through the night up until Gilbere Forte rocked the stage with a few bangers off the PRAY mixtape.


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