Recap: Liberty Fairs Trade Show


Now that the Summer season is nearing its finale, we can start looking back at some of the highlights. Scroll down your Instagram feed and flash back to parties that happened, mixtapes released, rappers who went viral, and friends who went to Vegas. Our coverage from last week’s trip to the desert continues with this spotlight on Liberty Fairs Trade Show.



Recently completing its first season in New York and Las Vegas, it’s safe to assume they’ve exceeded everyone’s expectations. They got everything right from the sporty uniforms to the outdoor “park” theme. Buyers, press, and exhibitors were able to play a round of ping-pong, order some drinks, recharge at the cafe, get a free haircut, and so much more. The vibe was calm, cool, and simply refreshing. Brands were carefully selected and curated together with matching themes.







The wide variety of brands meant there was something for every buyer’s demographic reach, which meant everything from accessories, to lounge wear, to veteran brands who have been in the industry for many years.


We are definitely keeping a close eye on Liberty Fairs and can’t wait to see what they will do next year.



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