Wiz Khalifa Owns It!

Wiz 1

From the joys of being a new father, to coming out with a new album, to the excitement of developing his very own footwear, Wiz Khalifa is definitely owning it right now.  Our friends at Footaction gave us some insight on Wiz’s collaboration with Converse through their exclusive interview with him in New York at their 34th street store.  He talks about his interpretation of style, his concept of design, and maturing as an individual.  Click through to check out the interview.

Footaction also sent us a very limited package including a new iPod Nano with a USB filled with Wiz’s albums, a poster of Wiz himself, and a pair of one of  the twelve collabs from Wiz and Converse.  Needless to say, the love was definitely felt from the good folks at FA.  Scroll through to check out the amazing packaging and shoe design through the detailed shots we took.  As you’ll see, the shoes boast ill details like a studded tongue and the fresh camo print.  If you’re feeling these kicks just as much as we are, head over to your nearest Footaction and see the creative designs for yourself.


Wiz 2


wiz 3

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