Rockin’ With The 5th: Black Milk

Rockin' With The 5th with Black Milk at Brick & Mortar, San Francisco

We caught up with Black Milk at Brick & Mortar in San Francisco, in the middle of touring to promote his new album coming out on October 15th, No Poison No Paradise. He was cool enough to chop it up with us after the show to go over what he’s got going on for him right now and what we can look forward to in the future.

The 5th Element Magazine: 
You did such an amazing job tonight. Thank you so much for taking the time out and talking with us.

Black Milk: Thank you, much appreciated.

The 5th Element Magazine: You got in this morning, have you done anything in the Bay Area yet?

Black Milk: Well, I did do a little record shopping today. I went to Groove Merchant. Like the last 45 minutes before they closed. Bought a few records. It’s probably like my favorite record store to shop at out here on the west coast. But other than that, just sound check and that’s about it.

Rockin' With The 5th with Black Milk at Brick & Mortar, San Francisco

The 5th Element Magazine:
 Right on. So tell us, what do you have going on right now?

Black Milk: Yeah, we just out here on the road promoting the new album No Poison No Paradise dropping next month October 15. So yeah. It’s me and uh, Quelle Chris. He’s actually on the road with me too. We out here right now and it’s been pretty crazy. Tonight was pretty crazy in San Francisco. That was fun.

The 5th Element Magazine: Were we really your first encore?

Black Milk: That was the first encore of the tour. Yeah, that was.

The 5th Element Magazine: How many have you done before SF?

Black Milk: We’ve only done, what five? Yeah, this is the fifth show. But see, the funny thing is I already did an encore. So really y’all actually got two. Cause I left, then I came back out and then I left then y’all asked for another encore. So really this is the first city that technically asked for a second encore. So that was really dope.

The 5th Element Magazine: We got mad love for you out here! Right now you got the album dropping on the 15th. What are you trying to do next? Who are you trying to work with? What producers or emcees are you eyeing?

Black Milk: I mean right now I just started like a little label situation called Computer Ugly. So just all the little indie things. So right now I’m just trying to stack projects up before 2014 cracks so I can have a lot of shit in December, whether it’s my stuff or artists I’m working with at the time or still doing beats for other people at the same time. So yeah there’s a lot of that going on right now.

The 5th Element Magazine: 
What else can we look forward to on the album?

Black Milk: I didn’t do too many rap features, but I got Black Thought from The Roots on the album. Like I said I got Quelle on the album. Uhm, who else do I have? Oh, I have Robert Glasper on the album, you know the jazz pianist. I got Dwele on the album. Yeah that’s about it. Like I said I didn’t do too many rap features. The new music, the album, it’s kind of, it’s a little conceptual so it would take away if I added too many features. So I kind of kept it all to me.

The 5th Element Magazine:
 Tell us more about what you have planned for the futures, other than Computer Ugly.

Black Milk: More music, more projects. I kinda took a step back these last couple years. I didn’t really put out too much stuff you know? And so I plan on for the next couple years, 2014, 2015. Like I said, dropping a lot of projects. Whether it’s solo or production for other people, whether it’s like my collaboration with other groups or random acts like Sean P or whether it’s me just taking more of a executive role or me fallin’ back and just doing the label thing. It’s a lot man. There’s a lot of little stuff coming out, a lot of details, a lot of collaborations, all that stuff.

The 5th Element Magazine: And what did you want your fans to know?

Black Milk: October 15, No Poison No Paradise. We on the road right now. Check to see if we’re coming to a city near you at Check me out, holla at me on Twitter @Black_Milk.

Photos & interview by: Pauline Collado


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