RECAP: Scion AV presents “Juice” by CLOT

RECAP: Scion AV presents "Juice" by CLOT

Recently CLOT introduced its running installation “Juice” at Scion AV studios in Los Angeles. The line to get in almost wrapped around the block as plenty heads made it out for a chance to cop some limited edition collaboration pieces that CLOT cooked up. Included in the opening were a handful of collaborative works by Frank151, including a preview of what’s to come within the next few days. Industry notables such as Stephen Malbon from Frank151, Edison Chen from CLOT, Ben Baller, Levi Maestro, and Linda Nguyen from Lovemade, all stopped by to check out the event.


The installation will be running through November 15th with new releases every day, including special drops only for Los Angeles. Be sure to stop by before the show hits the road. For more details, check out what they have in store here at Scion AV’s website:

Scion AV  store hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 12pm-7pm

7667 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036


Photos by: AlviDee


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