Footaction Exclusive: Jimbo Phillips & Nike SB

Footaction Exclusive: Jimbo Phillips & Nike SB

What’s good everybody? Nino here with another Footaction exclusive. A few weeks back I came home to a pretty huge package at my doorstep.  As I dropped my bag, I scrambled to get the package inside and tore it open like it was already Christmas morning.  Nike SB goodies, Levis, and 1 out of 12 skateboards designed by the talented graphic designer Jimbo Phillips were what I feasted my eyes on beneath the wreckage of torn cardboard and wrapping paper.

All of the gear were dope, but the highlight of this package had to be the Jimbo Phillips-designed skateboard deck.  Jimbo was inspired by the bright colors and patterns in Footaction’s skate-themed collections.  As you can see in the pictures below, Jimbo illustrated a hand unzipping multiple patterns and colors inspired by brands such as Trukfit, Supra, and Converse.  He also included the LA skyline in the background since the sport has defined the West Coast for decades.

I’ll keep this post short and simple and let the product speak for itself and leave you with this quote from the man himself…

“The Footaction customer is grinding in whatever city he’s from, and he aspires to “make it big” one day. He’s looking to rappers, educators, celebrities, writers and artists for inspiration.  I think my design can speak to a variety of people who have larger-than-life dreams.  Life is about opening up doors and opportunities for yourself.  Hopefully the art on this board will speak to and inspire a myriad of people to do just that.” -Jimbo Phillips

Footaction Exclusive: Jimbo Phillips & Nike SB

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