What Are We Thankful For?


It’s Thanksgiving once again. A time when you are secretly reading this on your iPhone instead of listening to your uncle’s ridiculous ramblings about how Thanksgiving was when he was a kid. A time when you bring your extra flask of Fireball to the family dinner because sparkling cider isn’t going to do the job. A time when everyone stops their busy schedules to come together to remember all of the things we are truly thankful for, all while fighting a food coma.  Yes, Thanksgiving. We here at The 5th Element are thankful for many things, keep reading to find out!


What Are We Thankful For? - Marc

“I love how our supporters (fans, readers, followers) have stuck with us since day one and continue to rock with us. You see them commenting on our social media networks, going to our events, and spreading the word on The 5th Element. We truly would not be here without them.  Also, my iPhone! No, really. I know that sounds hella materialistic but I cannot function without my phone. I wouldn’t know what the hell is going on, where I’m supposed to be or how I’m supposed to get there. I’m actually typing this on my phone right now, see.”
What Are We Thankful For? - Nino
“I am thankful for opportunity. 2013 brought so much opportunity to the table in regards to the magazine and my career.  I am thankful for the growth that these opportunities have given me.  It has also helped me realize that I am where I need to be at this point in my life and that I need to continue to push myself to strive harder to reach the goals that I have set for myself.”
What Are We Thankful For? - Sashana
“I’m thankful for my job, records, and pizza.”
What Are We Thankful For? - Karen
“I am thankful for my health, my family & friends, my job, and amazing food.”
What Are We Thankful For? - Devon
“I am thankful to live in beautiful Southern California. I am thankful to be surrounded by talented driven people. I am thankful for talent and my girlfriend.”
What Are We Thankful For? - Lindsey
“Aside from being thankful for my family, friends, good health, and the like, I’m actually very thankful for the internet! It sounds a little trivial, but, it is the platform on which The 5th Element thrives. The internet is the medium we use to  express our creativity through journalism, and we wouldn’t have connected with the many readers and fans we’ve gained over the past two and a half years plus without it. Oh, and I wouldn’t have seen ‘Bound 3’ without it. Thank you, Internet!”
What Are We Thankful For? - Alvin
“I’m thankful for being where I am today and having a decent idea of where I’m headed, considering that my family and I started off with nothing in this land of the go-getters 21 years ago. On the flip side, I’m pretty thankful for all the people with moolah that buy all the stuff I resell.”
What Are We Thankful For? - Kaycee
“I am thankful for all of the opportunities and people I have met in the past year. Looking back to last Thanksgiving, I am truly thankful for everything that has happened to me. Also, I am also thankful for my Mini Cooper and Hennessy – not together of course!”
Staff Writer

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