The Freshest Class 2013: Marillest

The Freshest Class 2013: Marillest

I guess Queen Latifah was on to something when she wrote on her hit Ladies First, “I’ma mess around and flip the scene into reverse. With what?  With a little touch of ladies first,” because that rhyme is a bit prophetic in the way it’s evident that the ladies of Marillest are doing just that.  In a male dominated market, it’s quite rare to see females making streetwear for males, but that’s precisely what Arpa, Mari, and Piruz are doing with their brand.  So far they’re making successful strides to flip the men’s streetwear scene into reverse by adding a woman’s perspective to it.  Read on to see exactly why we chose them to be in The Freshest Class.

The Freshest Class 2013: Marillest

Who makes up Marillest:  The founders of Marillest are Mari Nazaryan, Piruz Dedeyan & Arpa Sarian.

Hailing from:  Los Angeles, CA

The brand’s message:  A men’s lifestyle brand based out of Los Angeles, designed by women.

The style of product Marillest offers:  We design our collections around seasonal themes that cater to our lifestyle and customer base.

The challenges of coming up:  We have faced many obstacles through this venture, and we do plan to face many more since challenges build our strength within the company and each other. One of our biggest challenges have been the idea of us as women designing for men. Regardless of the struggles we faced with that particular challenge, we look at it as a blessing that drives us towards greater design success. Through trial and error as women designing for men, we have managed to perfect this skill. If everything came easy, the appreciation of what we do would not be so valuable.

Some accolades or milestones Marillest have reached so far early on:  Our biggest milestone has been the lifelong friends we have created along our journey. We have a true appreciation for this industry and the amazing people within it. One very rewarding milestone was the contact we landed with Karmaloop. We have been blessed to receive orders worldwide through their site. Also, we recently won the first part of two for Jeff Staple’s contest with Jeff taught a class on where he held a contest for every project submitted. We submitted our brand, Marillest, and landed in the top 10 spot. Mid December we are flying out to New York to finish the contest. This has also been another great milestone to many we have built over the lifespan of our company.

What you’d like people new to your brand to know about you:  We would like people to know that we are striving towards building a brand that is an inspiration for new and upcoming artists and brand owners. We work hard day in and day out to make a change in apparel. We push to inspire other fashion designers to pursue their dreams.

How Marillest plans on keeping their momentum up:  Our followers keep our momentum going for us. We see genuine appreciation for the adventure we live day to day building Marillest from the ground up. The feedback has been amazing and our following is tuned in heavily, waiting for the next move we make. When they are happy, we are happy.

What’s in store for the future:  We have many projects that we are working on, and to all of our followers, we have great collaborations with many talented individuals coming your way. We are also designing our Spring ’14 collection as we speak, and can’t wait to release it to the public.  It is going to be epic.

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