The Freshest Class 2013: Asphalt Yacht Club

The Freshest Class 2013: Asphalt Yacht Club

Breaking into an industry that’s as deep rooted and long standing as skate apparel has proven to be quite the challenge for many brands who’ve tried and failed in the past, but for Asphalt Yacht Club, they made it a point to come correct, making sure that their first impression on the industry was one that’s as memorable and outstanding as the fresh gear that they offer.  Plus when you have notables the likes of Rob Dyrdek, French Montana, Too $hort, Chad Muska, Paris Hilton, and even Uncle Jessie John Stamos attending your release party, you’re obviously doing something right.  Brand manager, Rich Marshall, came through to rep for the brand and dropped knowledge about all things AYC.  Click through to learn more about the next member of The Freshest Class 2013.

The Freshest Class 2013: Asphalt Yacht Club

Who makes up Asphalt Yacht Club:  
Owner – Stevie Williams, Brand Manager – Rich Marshall (pictured).  The skate team consists of – Nyjah Huston, Stefan Janoski, Justin “Figgy” Figueroa, Riley Hawk, Derrick Wilson, Ben Nordberg, and Blake Carpenter.

Hailing from:  New York, NY

The brand’s message:  Comfort. Quality. Individuality. Success. This is Asphalt Yacht Club. From the mind of skateboarding legend Stevie Williams comes a clothing line that celebrates the individual and their will to succeed. No matter what your destination, AYC’s collections offer the top-shelf quality and fresh design you need to get you there.

The style of product Asphalt Yacht Club offers:  AYC specializes in skate-driven streetwear; offering tees, fleece, and hats influenced heavily by the diverse team that represents them. The styles we bring to the table are an embodiment of the variety of personalities that skateboarding brings together.

The challenges of coming up:  Introducing any new brand is always a challenge, but introducing a new brand into the skate market brings the term “challenge” to a whole new level. It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you come from, the skate market is going to check you. If you aren’t there for the right reasons and don’t really live the life, you’re getting bounced. With AYC, we’ve not only hit the community with some dope gear, but we’ve got the real skateboarding to back it up.

Some accolades or milestones Asphalt Yacht Club have reached so far early on:  The overall reception we’ve received as a young brand has really been our biggest achievement. We had a tour article in The Skateboard Mag, and lots of coverage from Thrasher, Transworld, and the rest of the core skate community. We were also listed as one of Complex Magazine’s “Top Ten Skater-Owned Brands” in some pretty amazing company, which was an honor. Really, the scope and diversity is what we’re most proud of. When you see skateboarders rocking AYC, and then turn around and see it on Casey Veggies or in a Kid Ink video, you know you’re doing something right.

What you’d like people new to your brand to know about you:  The “Yacht” in Asphalt Yacht Club doesn’t symbolize a literal yacht. It symbolizes the meaning of success, which is different for everyone. To some people, sure, it’s a luxury yacht. To other people it might be getting a new skatepark built for their community, or just getting a new car they don’t have to jump-start anymore. AYC is for anyone with a dream or goal. It’s gear to get you to that next level.

How Asphalt Yacht Club plans on keeping their momentum up:  Keep on pursuing our passion. We’ve got tours booked across the globe for the team, live events, and much more. We really believe in getting out there and supporting those who support us. Stevie hit over 80 stores for the brand launch, and that’s just the beginning. We know how many options our fans and customers have, and we’re constantly working to let them know how much we appreciate them choosing AYC.

What’s in store for the future:  2014 is a big one! We’re expanding to a full collection as well as opening our own online store with exclusive AYC products and some hot collabs (that we can’t talk about just yet) as well. Lots of tours, live events, online exclusives and contests…speaking of which, we should probably get back to work. Make sure to check out the site to keep up on everything AYC related on,, @asphaltyachtclub on Instagram, and @AYCofficial on Twitter.

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