The Freshest Class 2013: Lifted Anchors

The Freshest Class 2013: Lifted Anchors

It takes a special mix of ambition, dedication, creativity, and style to be able to just get up and start a brand that stems from a desire to just make clothes for yourself – and have people actually become fans of it.  I think it’s safe to say that trusting the average person to run their own clothing brand based on their personal whims and preferences will more than likely produce less than stellar, and more so, incredibly pedestrian results.  However, the gentlemen at Lifted Anchors have used that formula to produce clothing that not only they love, but have others taking notice and feeling their product as well.  That special mix I mentioned earlier?  These dudes have it.  Read on to see just why Jon Michael, Derek John, and Nikko of Lifted Anchors made The Freshest Class 2013.

The Freshest Class 2013: Lifted Anchors

Who makes up Lifted Anchors:  Jon Michael, Derek John, Nikko

Hailing from:  Los Angeles, CA

The brand’s message:  Lifted Anchors is more than a brand. It’s a state of mind.  Just as a ship lifts its anchors to move forward and progress, we at Lifted Anchors apply the same concept to our lives. We are the captains of our dreams, sailing towards our destination where those dreams become reality. We are in pursuit of our destiny, weathering all storms and keeping our ship on course.  We are individuals working as one to achieve something bigger than ourselves, holding nothing back until we get what we came for. Like a pirate sets out for his treasure, our journey does not end until we come out on top. With greatness in our sights and success within our reach, we lift our anchors and set sail, living life with forward progression to be never idle, and to never say die.

The style of product Lifted Anchors offers:  A cutting edge mix of smooth graphics and clean cut and sew that pushes the limits of uniqueness. ‘Enough to fit in, enough to stand out’, is what we like to say.

The challenges of coming up:  Putting together an all-star team/supporting cast with the right amount of chemistry. Also, the time away from our personal lives and priorities to really focus and push this brand took a lot of commitment. Building a brand from the bottom up requires a lot of trial and error, sleepless nights, and a ton of “no’s”. The biggest challenge is how you overcome and progress through all of that negativity – but that’s also the fun part and what we’re all about.

Some accolades or milestones Lifted Anchors have reached so far early on:  Every individual sale is a milestone. When we started all this, as cliche as it sounds, we wanted to make clothes for ourselves because we simply weren’t too fond of everything else being put out there. To know someone else feels us, what we stand for, what we’re trying to do, and to know that our designs are reaching people all over the world speaks volumes to us.

What you’d like people new to your brand to know about you:  The commitment and dedication behind this brand is fucking real. This has been our little project since day one and we treat it like our baby. We bust our asses off on the daily, always trying to find ways to improve and push our limits. This is not another get rich quick, “hey that looks cool, let’s throw it on a t-shirt”,  “everyone’s doing it”,  type brand.  This is our passion.

How Lifted Anchors plans on keeping their momentum up:  Consistency is key. Stay tuned. Fuck with us.

What’s in store for the future:  Boats and hoes.

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