Editor’s Note: 2013 Taught Me

Editor's NotEditor's Note: 2013 Taught Mee: We All Go Through It

Change can strike terror in many at the most, and at the very least can even cause those most welcoming of it to flinch.  For as much a constant as change is, it also can suffocate in too much of it, creating a chaos that’s more cacophony than the symphony your life needs.  I say this because in the midst of fresh resolutions and grand  speeches that toasted away the residue of 2013, the balance to keep reckless adjustments in check tends to drown in glasses of champagne and enthusiasm.  Why should this be of any concern to me?  Because when your blueprint for success contains the basic, yet crucial fundamentals to attain it, putting that plan through the same clean slate treatment that a new year would naturally evoke is as ill-advised as the one-too-many shots of Henny you know you shouldn’t have taken last night was.  But besides the fact of keeping change in a proper prospective, 2013 taught me so much more.  Read on to see what else I learned from it.

– If anything at all, make them feel your worth. Your presence in a room full of people should be felt more once you leave it.

– Kindness isn’t weakness. It takes a stronger person to flex compassion, than to simply let negativity out, being that we’re already imperfect anyways.

– Things that are too good are even better when we make the effort to try and express anyway how good it really is.

– The duality of everything is a constant, reverberating feel that gives me every reason to dive in head first into the unknown, knowing that the experience itself will trigger each synapse of life within me.

– Never underestimate the high level of inspiration good people, good music, and good vibes can cook up.

– Make sure your work ethic equals your level of love and passion for it.

– Art is the beautiful mistakes that occur during the pursuit of perfection.

– Passion can brew up your own storm. Fill your cup with it and stay awake.

– Spend wisely – time, money, effort, and worry.

– Life knows nothing of the laps we run within its course and even more-so cannot measure accomplishment in years.  So don’t wait until a new one to make crucial changes.

– I tested myself through the worst mistakes I’ve made yet.  The most horrible thing that happened to me as result was the unnecessary stress of worrying about what already occurred, instead of thinking about how to not make the same one twice.

– Positivity is equal parts infectious and radiant.

– It’s not about whether we can or can’t do something.  It’s about how challenges are treated as headaches way before we even view them as opportunities.  That’s the problem right there.  Not the task itself.

– Be thankful.  Maintain a grateful attitude.  You didn’t and can’t do this on your own.

– “Keep calm and carry on.” – a saying emblazoned on a pint glass I received at the top of 2013.  I’ll drink to that.

– Let your friends and be there for you and reach out to them when you’re in need. You’d be surprised – they’re a better lifesaver than they are drinking buddies.

– Over-thinking is an atomic bomb and my tendencies to do so have caused nuclear warfare to be waged on innocent potential.

– I really wouldn’t be anywhere without the amazing support system I have.  Friends, family, loved ones – you’re all appreciated.

And finally…

– If you’ve been touched by disappointment and shoved out of your comfort zones only to create new ones, congrats.  Because the fact that you’ve read up to this point shows that you made it through.  2013 was rife with brand new scenarios and challenges, looking at them as simple blessings for the fact that I’ll be able to learn from them was what helped me succeed.  So here’s to new mistakes, beautiful ones, tremendous ones, ones that stir your soul and re-arrange the norms holding you back.  Here’s to unfamiliar risks and untouched territory.  Because comfort zones should only be for where you lay your head at night.  2014 is more unknown than we think we anticipate, so once we realize that every so often it’s okay not to control destinies and determine odds, then that’s when the beauty of living kicks in.

Richard "Reach" Guinto

Reach loves the Lakers, breakfast, the sound of a Fender Rhodes, and rapping along word for word to Wu Tang's "Triumph." If you're looking for him, he's probably out getting chicken.

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