Brick & Mortar: Twenty20 Los Angeles

Brick & Mortar: Twenty20 Los Angeles

In this edition of Brick & Mortar, we linked up with a dope new shop in the the valley, Twenty20 Los Angeles.  Recognizing the need to fill a void within the streetwear scene in the area, Drew Mendleson and Kamyar Rahrovi set out to establish a shop that catered to the needs of the local fans of urban, street, and skate fashion.  Hit the jump to find out more on Twenty20 Los Angeles and what they’ve got to offer.

Brick & Mortar: Twenty20 Los Angeles

Owners: Drew Mendleson & Kamyar Rahrovi

When did Twenty20 first open: We had our grand opening on July 13, 2013.

What was the initial concept you guys had when deciding to start up your shop:
Our initial concept was to be able to fill a void in the streetwear market. We did some research, and from our own shopping experience, decided that there wasn’t one place to shop in our neighborhood that could be a one stop experience. We envisioned a place that would be innovative, carry popular brands as well as up and coming brands, have reasonable prices, and be a comfortable environment to hang out while you looked around. We really want to cater to people in the valley who love streetwear and don’t want to drive all the way to Fairfax to get hooked up with the freshest gear!

Why did you choose Sherman Oaks to be the store’s location and what was the specific concept behind the design and layout of the store:
We chose Sherman Oaks because it is centrally located. Close to the West Valley, and the city of Los Angeles. Sherman Oaks is pretty much the “Heart” of the valley. There are a lot of high schools around the neighborhood and kids who love to skate.

We chose the store in particular because of the awesome location and the great foot traffic there is in our complex. The layout of the store is simple. We are only 800 Sq/Ft so maximizing our space is crucial. We built a custom cabinet on one side of the store to display all the shirts and snapbacks and a couple pairs of shoes; etc. We also had some custom furniture built for us to put in the middle of the store to be able to display the wide variety of styles we carry!

Brick & Mortar: Twenty20 Los Angeles

How has the reception been since opening?:
The reception to our store has been overwhelming. We didn’t expect this much this soon. People are coming in and out of the store all day; just to say what’s up! We love interacting with our customers, so having people just to come in the store to stop by is awesome! We just launched our website and are very excited about it. Hopefully that draws more traffic to the store as well! (

What’s your best pitch to anyone not familiar with your store yet?
If you are interested in the latest in streetwear, Twenty20 is the most innovative place to find the most popular brands, new designers and brands; all at the same place for a reasonable price. Our goal is customer service and we are more than willing to go the extra mile for our customers.

Brick & Mortar: Twenty20 Los Angeles

What are some of the brands you carry and why did you choose them?:
We carry Diamond Supply Co., Stussy, Undefeated, Akomplice, Publish Brand, Asphalt Yacht Club, SSUR NYC, 40oz NYC, Melin Headwear, Pink Dolphin, Us Versus Them, UNCL, Young and Reckless, Kennedy Denim, Blkwd Denim, Herschel Supply Co., IVI Sunglasses, and Arthur George Socks

We chose these brands because we wanted to cater to a specific demographic. These brands represent what the streetwear scene is all about and they all have a good representation behind their brand.

What does the future hold for the Twenty20?
We hope that this store will become our flagship store. We want this store to become the staple of Twenty20. Hopefully one day we can create something to be named next to the greats in the industry. We just want to make people excited to shop and create a welcoming environment when you walk into the store! We are excited to see what the future has in store for us!

Brick & Mortar: Twenty20 Los Angeles


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