VENUE Tradeshow 2014

VENUE Tradeshow 2014
With trade show season in full swing, it’s time to mark your calendars for another show that’s sure to be a can’t miss.  On January 29th and 30th, Venue Tradeshow will be hosting its second show, playing host to more dope up-and-coming streetwear brands that will showcase all of the quality goods they’ve got lined up in the upcoming seasons.  Hit the jump to catch a glimpse of where the show will be held at, as well as more details.

For a burgeoning trade show like Venue, capitalizing on its initial momentum from the first show was crucial.  In opportune fashion, they did so by expanding the show to two days and chose a great space to host the event by setting up shop at the Cooper Design Space in Downtown Los Angeles.  The choice of venue for the trade show was definitely the perfect fit, as it offers a spacious layout and champions the sort of creativity that the Venue show is teeming with.  For more details, make sure to hit up

VENUE Tradeshow 2014


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