RECAP: Method Man at The Yost Theater

Method Man @ Yost

The M.E.T.H.O.D. Man came to bring the pain last Sunday night at the famous Yost Theater in Santa Ana, CA. Performing to a packed house, hardcore fans came correct as they showed Mr. Meth that true West Coast hospitality.  Read on to peep the full coverage we got as Tical shut the whole spot down with his tried and true brand of hip hop that has kept fans loyal to the Wu brand for years.

It was vintage Tical as he ripped rhyme after rhyme and dropped verse after verse from Wu-Tang classics such as C.R.E.A.M., Protect Ya’ Neck, and Gravel Pit.

Beats, blunts, and stage dives – the three most important ingredients to any Method Man show.

What’s really good Santa Ana?  Jersey’s finest emcee, Reggie Noble, better known as Redman, decided to drop on in.

The Funk Doctor Sock and Methical sharing one stage can only mean one thing – DA ROCKWILDER.  Time for some action!

Words and Photos by:
Nico Arce

Staff Writer

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