Staple Presents the Jacket You Need For the Zombie Apocalypse


Residents of killa-Cali, having an earthquake survival kit is crucial, but have you ever thought about a zombie apocalypse survival kit? We’re not talking about extra cases of water or first aid kits — we talkin’ bout guns, bullets, medical kits that include a beginner’s guide to amputation, and a shit ton of sun screen. As far as attire goes, SCOTTEVEST got you covered with a limited edition version of their TEC – Technology Enabled Clothing – Knowmatic hoodie designed by none other than Jeff Staple. This jacket carries these very features and a few extra while holding it down on the fashion end with an early 20th century dazzle camouflage design that was used to distort the shape of WWII naval ships on enemy radars.  Peep the jump to get the full rundown on the jacket.


Known for integrating electronics and wearable computers into its design, the Knowmatic hoodie  is a gadget-friendly piece of clothing and has a number of touches that transform the wearer into a walking command center — AKA it has a ton of different pockets. To be exact, the hoodie has 15 different pockets – some exterior, some interior, some hidden – but all capable of wiring power cables and headphones throughout. Some of our favorite features include a clear-touch fabric phone pocket that allows you to text without even having to pull your phone out of it, and an eyeglass pocket made out of chamois for wiping. Rock this hoodie and the zombies will know to keep their distance. They ain’t ready.



Nina Tabios

Nina Smoove aka Champagne Ninang. Certified hooligan. $F Bay Area born and bred.

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