Brick & Mortar: UNIONMADE L.A.

Brick & Mortar: UNIONMADE L.A.

For San Francisco based UNIONMADE, success has come quite swiftly since their opening on the border of the Mission and Castro districts back in 2009.  Besides being at the forefront of providing classic Americana style that’s just as well-made as it is aesthetically pleasing, UNIONMADE was voted one of the top 10 best independent men’s stores in the country by GQ Magazine and also voted San Francisco’s best men’s store by SF Weekly.  Certainly not one to rest on their laurels, UNIONMADE recently brought along their incredible selection of premium menswear to The Grove of L.A.  Hit the jump to check out the Q&A we had with them regarding their latest store opening in Southern California.

Brick & Mortar: UNIONMADE L.A.

UNIONMADE owner:  Todd Barket

When did UNIONMADE L.A. first open?: 
We officially opened at The Grove on February 14, 2014.

Was the fact that there was already a SoCal location of UNIONMADE in Santa Monica an easier process of developing the L.A. location at The Grove?: 
It definitely was easier to open in Los Angeles with an existing store in Santa Monica, being that we understood the retail landscape and customer better from our location at the Brentwood Country Mart.

Why was a second location chosen to be opened up in SoCal, as opposed to another one in San Francisco, where the original store first started?:  Back in SF we have our flagship store as well as our women’s store nearby.  Across the Golden Gate Bridge in Larkspur, we have a smaller store at the Marin Country Mart. So as you can see, we pretty much have the Bay Area covered.  This in turn helped us to set our sights on the market in L.A.  With this new store in Los Angeles, we are aiming for it to be our flagship for Southern California.

What was the specific concept behind the design and layout of the store?: 
Because this is a new space compared to our turn-of-the century San Francisco location, we opted for a clean build-out that reflects the simple presentation of our products both in-store and online with matte black steel and crisp unvarnished wide-plank pine flooring.

Brick & Mortar: UNIONMADE L.A.

Describe the brands and looks you carry at UNIONMADE at The Grove and why they fit the L.A. market.:  We were very specific when choosing brands and looks for L.A.  Some prime examples would be five Alden exclusive make-ups that are solely available at The Grove, the entire Baxter range, more shorts, and lighter fabrications than our San Francisco locations.  Obviously the regional distinctions played strongly to those choices.

The growth of UNIONMADE is quite evident with this new location opening up.  What do you attribute that progressive success to?: 
Regarding our growth and success, we firmly believe that our focus on quality products and friendly customer service are what directly contribute to them.

For first time shoppers, what will they expect to find and experience at UNIONMADE?:  For first timers, know that there’s something for your quality menswear needs at every price point. 

For long time fans, what will they continue to expect from the brand?: 
For fans, please continue to expect a broad assortment of excellent goods similar to our flagship store in San Francisco and online shop, here at The Grove location.

What’s in store for the future of UNIONMADE?: 
For the future, we aim to build a strong customer base in Los Angeles through our continued commitment to offering the best in quality menswear.

Brick & Mortar: UNIONMADE L.A.

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