Tavik Men’s Spring/Summer 2014 Collection Lookbook

just dropped their 2014 Spring/Summer Collection. To get a true feel and meaning of a collection taking a peek at the lookbook will always help. It gives you somewhat of a background and emotion to the clothing. This collection of classic menswear silhouettes give customers the opportunity to have that Southern California style on the beach and off, pairing heritage with technology. While glancing at the lookbook you get a feeling of being lost and wandering, a sense of wanderlust. The collection is a reflection of the youth with roots. That is the special combination that the unique sub-culture of Southern California has and what Tavik has found a way to offer us. This season’s offering is filled with men’s basics with an edge – Hawaiin shirts, tank tops, and board shorts taken to a modernized level and done so effortlessly. Tavik has captured the California dream and made it into a collection that anyone can throw on and feel like a part of the lifestyle.  Simple, clean, and easy. The three adjectives I will give to describe this collection. Also three words which describe what every man wants in clothing.

Staff Writer

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